Sample Activities

A sample of activities from each of the Five Pillars of Readiness.

1 Academic Readiness

The ability to succeed in first-year, credit bearing courses at a technical college, a community college or a four-year college or university

Grade 8, Unit 4, Activity 4

  • 8_U4_A1_Academic Behaviors Worksheet.pdf
  • 8_U4_A1_Academic Behaviors.pdf
  • 8_U4_A1_Cornell Notes Template.pdf
  • 8_U4_A1_PP_Academic Behaviors.pptx
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2 Admissions Readiness

The ability to meet admissions requirements at a range of postsecondary institutions

Grade 12, Unit 4, Activity 2

  • 12_U4_A2_Managing Stress.pdf
  • 12_U4_A2_PP_Managing Stress.pptx
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3 Career Readiness

The ability to identify careers that match personal, financial, and other goals and an understanding of the skills, credentials, and experiences required to succeed in those careers

Grade 7, Unit 10, Activity 3

  • 7_U10_A3_PP_Value of Postsecondary Education.pptx
  • 7_U10_A3_Value of Postsecondary Education.pdf
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4 Financial Readiness

The ability to cover the cost of the first term of study at a postsecondary institution through savings, loans, and financial aid

Grade 12, Unit 5, Activity 3

  • 12_U1_A4_Completing the FAFSA Worksheet.pdf
  • 12_U1_A4_Completing the FAFSA.pdf
  • 12_U1_A4_PP_Completing the FAFSA.pptx
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5 Social and Emotional Readiness

The ability to set educational goals, make and monitor progress toward them, and create relationships with peers and adults that support academic success

Grade 8, Unit 5, Activity 2

  • 8_U5_A2_PP_Social Media and Digital Footprints.pptx
  • 8_U5_A2_Social Media and Digital Footprints Worksheet.pdf
  • 8_U5_A2_Social Media and Digital Footprints.pdf
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