Family Engagement

A major component in Ramp-Up to Readiness™ is providing networks to support students in the process of personally investing for success in postsecondary institutions.

Research underscores that the road to higher education is a journey students will make much more successfully in the company of peers and caring adults. Students who report having caring and supportive interpersonal relationships have more positive academic attitudes, are more satisfied with school, are more engaged in academic work, attend school more and learn more.

Support from parents and family members is a valuable asset to any student’s development. On this page you will find several resources that will assist caring adults in working with students getting prepared for college and the admission and financial aid process.

We have created a one-page resource for parents called, College Readiness for Parents: Getting Your Student Ready for College to reference for concrete ways they can positively contribute to the development of their child in each of the five areas of college readiness.

The Parent Guide to College Readiness brochure is designed as a resource for parents and families to use throughout a student’s academic career. Inside you will find helpful information and a checklist of what should be completed in elementary school, middle school and each year of high school to help insure that your student is on a successful path to college. It is available in PDF in English and Spanish, and PDF s only of Hmong and Somali.


Ramp-Up to Readiness™ curriculum materials are available to schools currently enrolled in the program. Educators from current Ramp-Up schools should log in above to access activities and workshops, professional development resources, family engagement materials, and more.