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Why should a school consider adopting Ramp-Up?

Ramp-Up goes beyond just college access. Ramp-Up is a comprehensive advisory-based program that addresses five essential areas of readiness: academic, admissions, career, financial, and social/emotional readiness. Ramp-Up:

  • Uses a school wide approach to assure all students receive information and engage in postsecondary planning
  • Provides an advisory based tier one curriculum
  • Is affordable with no ongoing licensing fee required
  • Provides tools and a framework to meet Minnesota's postsecondary plan legislation, Minn. Stat. 120B.125
“…we are seeing positive results in terms of improved student study habits and a greater focus on their own ownership of their futures and studies… I really do see that it is making a difference… it is exciting.”
—Ramp-Up school principal

For a full description of Ramp-Up and the research behind it, read the overview.

In an independent developmental evaluation conducted by the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI):

  • 100% of respondents (all principals) said Ramp-Up was helpful in establishing a college-going school culture
  • The benefits of Ramp Up mentioned most often were:
  • the school-wide approach, including all teachers and all students
  • the shift in conversations and school culture toward post-secondary

→ Read the full CAREI Evaluation Summary (PDF)

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