Technology plays an integral role in Ramp-Up to Readiness™ enabling schools to more effectively personalize the college preparation process. The recommended technology platform for Ramp-Up is Naviance Succeed, a web-based application that integrates tools for researching colleges and careers with tools for sharing and storing data and information.

Schools that implement Ramp-Up using the Naviance platform license the software and receive support directly from Naviance, a company based in the Washington, D.C. area that has an extensive customer base in Minnesota.

Schools that do not have or decide not to purchase Naviance Succeed can implement core elements of Ramp-Up using eFolio, a platform that is jointly managed by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system and the University of Minnesota. Students in schools that use the eFolio option complete much of the curriculum using paper-and-pencil and later enter key conclusions from those lessons into their electronic portfolio on the eFolio site.

If students do not have access to computers during a session of their Ramp-Up class or during their advisory period, a version of each lesson in the core curriculum is available that does not require the use of a computer during class or advisory time. When such a non-computer-based lesson is used, students later enter the most important information from the lesson in to their Naviance and/or eFolio account.

Naviance help resources

Creating Attachments in Naviance

For printable instructions, see our help document Creating Attachments in Naviance

Using Naviance Surveys

For printable instructions, see our help document Using Naviance Surveys.

Creating Surveys

For printable instructions, see our help document Creating Surveys.

Data Reports in Naviance

For printable instructions, see our help document Running Reports.

Getting Started with Naviance's Family Connection: Student Registration Codes

This video will guide you through the process of activating and disseminating registration codes for your students to use to register for your school's Family Connection website through Naviance. Your school's Family Connection website is where your students will use the Naviance-based Ramp-Up curriculum.

For printable instructions, see our help documents Naviance: Student Registration Codes and Naviance: Email Student Registration Codes.

Students Registering in Family Connection

This video will show how students will use their registration codes that you have activated for them (shown in above video) to access their school's Family Connection website.

For printable instructions, see our help document Naviance: Students Register in Family Connection.

Manually Registering Students without the Registration Codes

This video will explain how a counselor or teacher with access to the administrator side of Naviance can manually register a student in Family Connection without the student needing to register themselves, or needing any registration codes. This is particularly useful during a class that might be registering all together and an individual student might be having difficulty registering themselves. Now you can do it for them. This also shows how if a student forgets his or her password you can go into their account and change it for them.

For printable instructions, see our help document Naviance: Manually Register Students.